sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

mental dying .

It's easy to realize
that you don't know what I mean
when I say "Rise!"
(It's the moment) we have to leave

You don't know where you are
and you're wondering what the fuck is going on
the time seems not to pass
and this whole thing is like a storm

You notice that all of this it's just your fault
and nobody has put a gun on your head
Now, your only thought:
"OK, I'm at the limit of the edge"

The look of his dirty sight
was the darkest thing I've ever seen
and I think "It's all right
this is the fuckin' road we have to live"

Everytime one have to choose
between pleasure and reality
and what just seems a little change of mood
later become in a furious insanity

The sound of his weakling voice
start broking my heart
and he couldn't help hearing the noise
of the Death coming for us

All of that seemed like a nightmare
that was over to end
both of us lying there
waiting for the time of dead.

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