domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

The easy road is never so exciting as the hard one.
And here we are, trying to sort it out.
No matter where, no matter when or how,
we just want to be together like the first time.

It's never easy to say goodbye
(at least when you have loved someone so much).
It's natural to deny that the time has come,
we never want to put an end to such good stuff.

Although I loved you as I never did,
I have hurt you deep inside.
You know I will never forgive myself
for all the cruel things I have done.

Love makes people act as they were mad,
as if one had never had a heart.
And I'm the better example of that:
I feel the emptiness of feelings deep inside.

Maybe nobody will understand what I'm trying to say.
Even you, my love, won't get a thing from that.
But I still want to try, to comunicate
that I love you more than anyone in my life.

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